Destiny 2 For PC Will Exclusively Be On Blizzard's Launcher

Destiny 2 For PC Will Exclusively Be On Blizzard’s Launcher

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Destiny 2 For PC Will Exclusively Be On Blizzard’s Launcher

Folks wanting to play Destiny 2 on the PC when it comes out will have to launch it through Blizzard. In a stunning new reveal by Blizzard’s Mike Morhaime, he made it clear that the Blizzard Launcher and not Steam, will be the place to play Destiny 2.

This will no doubt raise a lot of eyebrows among gamers and even gaming communities. The question everyone seems to be asking is why? And why for the first time ever, would Blizzard put a non Blizzard game on a Blizzard launcher? The FAQ answers that:

We loved Destiny and think Destiny 2 is going to be a great game. Blizzard has an established and successful global internet infrastructure we’ve used for years to support our own games.

Creating a new network client for Destiny 2, which is bringing the franchise to PC for the first time, would needlessly extend the development period for the game. We want to get our hands on Destiny 2 as soon as possible like everybody else, so we offered to share our PC platform with our sister companies for this release.

We won’t argue that Blizzard isn’t a global success. It is. So it makes sense that Bungie would leverage that, considering Microsoft and Bungie don’t have a client or launcher of their own. A large part of that is due to past games from the developer and studio are all console games.
So fans of both Destiny and Blizzard, what do you think of this unexpected collaboration? Let us know in the comments below!


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