Blade & Soul Is Celebrating It's First Year In The West

Blade & Soul Is Celebrating It’s First Year In The West

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Blade & Soul Is Celebrating It’s First Year In The West.

I still remember when the hype train has visited my computer last January. Blade & Soul came out to the west. In the MMORPG community, this was an historical event. Millions of new players were able to finally Blade & Soul. Up until Last January only South Korean’s were able to play it. The hype around Blade &Soul was all over. at least five of my friends told me to download and play it as fast as possible. And i must say, the hype didn’t disappoint, this is truly a unique MMORPG with a dedicated community.

To celebrate it, the 1st Anniversary Festival Event will kick off on January 18th and will last until February 18th. On the festival, Blade & Soul players will enjoy presents from the Hongmoon Store. the developer has enabled special coins for this event. In which, you can buy costumes and consumables. The Festival is a part of an update, so we should expect some changes soon. weapons skins could be removed so you can remove it from one weapon and put in on another one. Also, pets will be salvageable, enabling more depth to the pet system.

Blade & Soul update arrives on January 18th, Don’t miss out.




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