Does Gaming Deserve It's Bad Reputation?

Does Gaming Deserve It’s Bad Reputation?

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Does Gaming Deserve It’s Bad Reputation?

33% of Americans claim that video games are a waste of time. Voting is also a waste of time, but people care about it deeply. I want to understand in this article if gaming deserve it’s bad reputation. The gaming industry is booming, as we have said many times before. The gaming industry is providing 220,000 jobs and the top 5 companies have tripled their value since 2008. Researchers have confirmed that playing games has positive affects on the memory. So, why does gaming have a bad reputation?

Since the late 19th century, some people have considered photography as lazy painting. Getting a bad reputation for a new form of art. Also, some people have considered movies as a lazy form of theater. So what is the competing industry for online games? I don’t think that it’s toys and board games. I think that video games don’t have a natural competitor, not even books. Online gaming revolves around leisure time. Hence, every leisure time activity is a competitor.

Gaming has some bad sides. The number of gaming addicts increase as internet speeds do. The lights and rapid hand movement are not something that humanity was doing, Therefore, we haven’t evolved into these activities. When children are sat in front of a screen, they literally can’t take their eyes away from it. My niece has to be reminded to blink because her eyes are full with tears.

However, i think that gaming will enable us to evolve even better. Not every technology is for everyone and each dialectical process has an antithesis. Hence, i can understand where the gaming criticism comes from. It’s main source is probably conservativeness, people who don’t play games criticize those who do. But, in my opinion, the new type of stimulation that gaming brings will evolve humans to a new level.

Technology has many bad sides, but we owe all of our human progress to the technology progress. Evolution is a very long process, so it will be very interesting to see how man will evolve with broad internet speed, mobile devices and online games. In conclusion, i think that gaming has a bad reputation because people don’t understand it. Therefore, gaming don’t deserve it’s bad reputation.

What do you think? Does games have a positive affect on people? Please share your thoughts with us

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