Dogs Of War (2014) Review

Dogs Of War (2014) Review

In Real Time Strategy

DDogs of War is a turn based online strategy game which was inspired by a tabletop game called “Confrontation”. There are three factions to select from at the start of the game and over 50 different units to unlock; in addition to units, there are 9 Champions which act as generals for the army. Players can create their own team to battle in three different game modes against other players..

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Dogs Of  War Features

Based on a popular tabletop game – Dogs of War follows the same rule set as Confrontation
Three factions – Select which faction to use and build an army which grows in strength with every battle
PvP orientated – Fight against other players in a variety of game modes
Tactical battles – Engage in strategic turn based battles where every unit is unique

Nice graphics
Highly strategic
Individual quests for each unit
Good battle mechanics

Lack of developer support
Pay to win elements
Low active player count
Weak audio”

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