Dragon Of Atlantis (2011) Review

Dragon Of Atlantis (2011) Review

In Real Time Strategy

DDragons of Atlantis is a MMORTS game where the player must manage and grow their city; the player also has a dragon in their city which can be levelled up and taken into battle. Combat is the same as in other classic RTS games, the player must form an army to defend the city and to also attack other players. There is a single player campaign formed of various quests and also alliances to join to work with other players.

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Dragon Of  Atlantis Features

Traditional RTS gameplay – Manage resources, construct and upgrade buildings to create a strong city
Own a dragon – Train a dragon and bring it onto the battlefield to fight beside the army
Single player campaign – Complete a variety of quests and fight to reclaim Atlantis
Alliances – Join forces with other players to support and defend each other

Available on different platforms
Unique dragon gameplay twist
Single player campaign

Poor graphics
Not many unique features
Pay to win aspects

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