Elyon Welcomes New Archer Class Alongside Fresh Events and Rewards

Elyon Welcomes New Archer Class Alongside Fresh Events and Rewards

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Elyon is kicking off the second week of the new year with the arrival of its brand new Archer Class, and a host of events, content rebalancing, Twitch Drops and more.

Elyon, developed by Bluehole Studio and published by Kakao Games, is set in a world of magic and technology, where factions battle to claim the mystical world of Elyon. With deep character customization, skill building, weapon choices, one-of-a-kind PvP, PvE and more, Elyon offers a rich, exciting experience for every play style.

Archers are a unique  and powerful ranged class which rain down deadly arrows on their enemies, draining their Energy via their remarkable abilities.The skillful application of their powers make them valued allies and dangerous foes.

In celebration of the Archer Class and its debut, Kakao Games is offering exclusive Twitch Drops from January 12-14, with a host of valuable in-game rewards available to those viewing participating Streamers. There will be an additional second series of drops celebrating the new year from January 14-24.

Visit here for Twitch Drop times and details. 

There will also be a series of in-game events with numerous rewards for players. These include a leveling event from January 12-24 for those picking up their bow and arrow as Archers for the first time, and the Beginner’s Joy event of the same duration for those just getting started in Elyon. For details on these events, news on class balance changes, new RvR content and much more, visit here

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