Open World Crafting MMO Woodfell Coming To Steam April 30th

Open World Crafting MMO Woodfell Coming To Steam April 30th

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If you’re looking for a brand new indie MMO in the vein of Minecraft and other builder/crafter MMOs without the pixels, you might want to give Woodfell a look.

Woodfel is a single & multiplayer, open-world building and crafting game, set in a vibrant fantasy world. Woodfel puts players into a land where they can gather resources to craft equipment, battle enemies & creatures, and build enormous structures.

As a new traveller to the land of Woodfel, you will discover a primitive fantasy world of creatures, monsters and factions! The usually peaceful hills & valleys that the Woodfolk roam are becoming more dangerous with the arrival of Demons to the realm. While you strive to prosper in this new land you will find powerful weapons, craft enchanting vanity outfits and build epic structures in which to shelter. Will you help the Woodfolk to survive against their new foes, or take the side of the Demons and plunder the realm?

Game Features

  • Procedural World Generation
  • Destructible Voxel World with Biomes
  • Drag & Drop Inventory
  • Cross-Platform Multiplayer
  • Crafting, Farming & Building
  • MMO Style Combat & Boss Fights

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