Strategy Game Elvenar Hosts May In-game Celebrations

Strategy Game Elvenar Hosts May In-game Celebrations

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InnoGames, Germany’s leading developer and publisher of online and mobile games, invites players to the May Celebrations in the building strategy game Elvenar. It is time for festive decorations when players join in the celebration of spring and fertility. Young and old alike gather to take a look at the majestic May Tree, which blooms in the most beautiful of colors. The May Celebrations take place from May 11th through the 30th.

A trailer for the May Celebrations is available here:

Players will be rewarded with all kinds of prizes for their participation in the event. By completing quests and searching the outskirts of their city, players can find Spring Seeds that can be used to open Flowers. Each opened Flower contains a random reward and provides Life Force. This Life Force in turn can be used to acquire Blossoms. Once each Blossom on the May Tree blooms, the next Grand Prize is unlocked.

Every day there is a set of 16 Flowers, which can be opened with the Spring Seeds. These Flowers contain one of many possible rewards, including daily rewards, consisting of a collection of new and recurring prizes. Three of the 16 Flowers contain a special item, each with a different special effect:

  • Double Reward – A “x2” modifier which will double the reward contained in the next Flower you open.
  • Reveal Two – This item lets you see the contents of two covered Flowers, allowing you to preview what’s inside before opening them.
  • Reshuffle – Once you open a Flower containing it, you will return to 16 unopened Flowers that you need to shuffle again. While this may reset your progress in looking for a specific prize, it also allows you to win all previously earned items again. If a Flower containing a Reshuffle is opened, your invested Spring Seeds for opening this Flower are returned.

Once all 20 Flowers of the May Tree have been opened, the tree is complete and players will be rewarded with the next grand prize, which includes the festive May Tree Artifacts that can be used to create a very personal and festive May Tree building.

The May Celebrations bring with them some new mechanics. One of them is the Daily Login Reward, which gives players enough Spring Seeds to open a Flower immediately. Daily play of Elvenar rewards players and allows them to open even more Flowers.

Another new mechanic comes in the form of the Quest Milestones. The more quests players complete, the more additional rewards they can unlock, including more May Tree Artifacts. There is also a limited story questline. Once this is finished, players will unlock the additional episodic quest series. With each new day of the event, one of these quests will be added to the series of available quests. Each quest rewards players with ten Spring Seeds.

Elvenar is available for the browser and on iOS and Android devices and is free to play.

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