EVE Online Sees the Return of The Guardian's Gala

EVE Online Sees the Return of The Guardian’s Gala

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Starting this week, players of EVE Online, the in-depth and uniquely player-driven spaceship MMO game from CCP Games, will be able to take part in this year’s Guardian’s Gala to fight against the fearsome pirates of New Eden and earn exclusive rewards in the process.

Last year, the Guardian’s Gala was once again attacked by opportunistic capsuleers. This time around the Angel Cartel are back, more prepared than ever to ward off the inevitable assault. Otuwiri and Khaitetha have sworn vengeance on the capsuleers after last year’s humiliation and will be laying in wait for unsuspecting pilots who think they can make a quick few kredits by crashing the party.

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, the New Eden Store will exclusively offer a variety of rewards, including a new line of Spirit SKINs for additional hulls, Agency Combat Boosters, Facial Augmentations, modules and fireworks for the duration of the Guardian’s Gala event. Taking out both Gala hosts and outlaw attendees will secure points that can be used to claim rewards via The Agency.

“The Guardians Gala is one of our most popular recurring activities that sees a lot of participants from our community each year,” said Paul Elsy, Senior EVE Universe Community Manager. “This time around, capsuleers can get their hands-on exclusive rewards such as SKINs, Cerebral Accelerators and Facial Augmentations upon challenging the Cartel’s finest combat pilots.”

CCP Games is also proud to announce the introduction of CCPlease, a high-level visual roadmap that will provide players with an accessible overview focusing exclusively on upcoming quality of life fixes, optimisations, and improvements to EVE Online. As part of CCP Games’ ongoing commitment to player experience, giving fans clear and concise information, CCPlease will provide players with progress on each development milestone. EVE Updatesmeanwhile, will continue to focus on providing detailed insight into each content update and project for EVE Online.

This month’s update to EVE Online, released today, provides a number of such quality of life tweaks, including the ability to share broadcast settings and inventory item filters, along with the ability to copy current industry jobs lists. Players will also benefit from improvements to finding items in their personal assets, as well as the addition of a hit point percentage display for drones.

The Guardian’s Gala pirate party runs from February 12-25 and can be accessed in-game via The Agency. More info on the event can be found here.

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