Farmerama (2009) Review

Farmerama (2009) Review

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FFarmerama is a browser-based MMO farming simulator where the large world is shared with other players; players can plant crops and raise animals raise animals to collect resources which can be used to grow the farm. NPC’s provide orders for certain products which the player needs to fulfill or the player can sell items at the market. Players can trade with each other and the game uses real-time.

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Farmerama Features

Farm simulator – Manage a farm and collect a range of resources from crops or animals.
Complete Orders – Gain quests from NPC’s and collect the right resources to fulfill it.
Casual – This is easy to pick up and play without featuring any competitive content.
Trading – Work with other players to collect different resources by trading extra resources.

Simple and easy to understand.
Friendly community.

Long wait timers.
Limited in-game player interactions.

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