FFXIV: Everything You Need To Know About Patch 6.05

FFXIV: Everything You Need To Know About Patch 6.05

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Square Enix has announced the launch of Patch 6.05 this week for its MMORPG Final Fantasy 14, or FFXIV, which launched its Endwalker expansion only last month. As most FF14 players know, Endwalker contains hours upon hours of new content and the latest patch serves to add more onto the pile with fresh things to do, like a treasure dungeon and more.

First up, players can check out The Excitatron 6000, which is a special instance similar to the Dungeons of Lyhe Ghiah, and it can be accessed after finding and opening treasure coffers obtained from kumbhiraskin treasure maps. Here, players will have the chance to test their luck and obtain priceless treasures.

Additionally for those wanting a challenge, the Savage version of the Pandæmonium: Asphodelos raid has been added to the game and can be accessed using the Raid Finder. Just be warned, this will take skill and a good group composition in order to stand a chance of completion. Upon completing Pandæmonium: Asphodelos (Savage) duties, a treasure coffer will appear containing an Asphodelos Coffer. Using this item transforms it into gear corresponding to the user’s current job. In addition, the coffers that appear upon completing Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle (Savage) yield weapons.

Players can also look forward to Job tweaks, new tomestones and other good stuff, and the full list can be found on the official patch notes here.

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