FFXIV New Player Guide: Best Player Resource Websites 2021

FFXIV New Player Guide: Best Player Resource Websites 2021

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When it comes to player resources for the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV, there’s many choices out there. We’ve narrowed down the list here to include some great choices for both new players and veterans of FFXIV. Check it out below.

The Lodestone World Status

First up is a basic website for a very handy tip. If you’re new to Final Fantasy XIV, keep an eye out on the World Status, either via the website linked in header or through the launcher. Why? Often times, server/realm names are given a designated status. These are: New, Preferred, Standard and Congested. If you want to start an alt or a new character, always go to a Preferred server. This is due to the Road to 70 buff on these realms, that absolutely makes leveling a breeze. For existing or veteran players, you can free transfer from a Congested world to a Preferred world, and get the buff too, which is great for that massive XP boost. The buff lasts for 90 days and that’s more than enough time to get you favorite Jobs and Crafting Jobs up to level 70 for the Shadowbringers expansion.

ARR Status

For players who cannot wait to jump back into game after maintenance or downtime, this is a great site. ARR Status is basically, a cool designed website that keeps track on all the servers across the three data centers. Green simply means the worlds are up, and red means down. What’s even better is that you can select your server and have browser notifications turned on. This rings an alarm bell whenever the servers or your server goes back online.

Reset Timers

Because there’s no lockout timer windows or UI panels to bring up in Final Fantasy XIV, here’s a good source. Xenosveritas has a very simple yet handy landing page that tells you how much time is left until the next Weekly or Daily reset. Hovering your mouse over each will further detail what activities each reset contains.


An absolutely awesome site especially if you craft and are in the economy game for profit. The FFXIV Market Board pulls data from user submissions via its app to check prices of items on the Market Board in-game, on every server. That means, you can check current prices, see what’s available in stock, what was the last sale price and much more. Users can select their default servers to make things easy, and even grab the app or join their discord server to help out. Overall, this is one of the best resources for Final Fantasy XIV out there.

Garlond Tools

For crafting enthusiasts, you can’t go wrong with Garlond Tools. Made specifically for Disciples of the Hand and Land, the site lets you check on crafting node timers, their locations, crafting recipes and more. One cool feature it has also suggests the proper rotation for crafting and gathering jobs to ensure you maximize your yields, which will help you become a better player. The fact that it also uses image icons for skills ensures that you can’t go wrong either. Great for learning crafting and gathering especially for newcomers.

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