FFXIV Shadowbringers Is Coming: 4 Things We Love About Final Fantasy XIV 2019

FFXIV Shadowbringers Is Coming: 4 Things We Love About Final Fantasy XIV 2019

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Summer is approacing fast and that means good things for Final Fantasy XIV or FFXIV for short. This MMORPG had a disastrous launch and its relaunch absolutely blew the gaming world away, turning a beloved franchise into a household name. Its also one of the very last few MMORPGs that charges a monthly subscription in order to play it. But is it worth it? With a brand new expansion coming this June, here’s why we think FFXIV is the place to be if you’re looking for a new MMORPG.

The Quality Increases With Every Expansion

Everyone agrees that A Realm Reborn is indeed way better than its predecessor. Progression had a better flow, and the game’s engine and graphics are a significant upgrade. But the thing with FFXIV is that it’s never stagnant, and continuously improves. And we’re talking about in all departments. If you thought the Main Scenario Quests (Main story) is good in the base game, it only improves further in the two expansions since. Heavensward introduced more immersive storytelling and got rid of the annoying cut scenes in raids and dungeons. Stormblood on the other hand, completely blows everything we’ve seen so far out of the water. It’s safe to say that if you plan on dropping money for a sub, you’ll eventually find that it will be worth the money the farther you progress and play.

The Class Changes Are Improvements

With that many Professions and Jobs in game, balancing is a hard act and any MMO worth its salt gradually makes changes. With the two expansions now live, the tweaks and changes to FFXIV’s classes have been excellent. The game merges bloated skills and traits to offer a better class progression experience. At the same time, the classes maintains their uniqueness from each other and are still able to do what they need to do, be it DPS, Heal or Tank. On top of that, they keep adding new classes too. Stormblood’s brand new Samurai class is a joy to behold, adding more content to an already diverse lineup of classes. With Shadowbringers on the horizon, expect more Jobs like the newly announced Gunbreaker to steal the show.

Square Enix Listens To Their Players

When it comes to MMO developers, we judge them on a multitude of factors, especially how they react to player feedback. Square Enix does indeed care, albeit they take their time implementing improvements to the game. The benefit of jumping into Final Fantasy XIV four years after release is that you’re getting the best of the changes now. One of the major complaints of the base game is that PvP requirement. The new Stormblood expansion now makes it faster to get into PvP, beginning at level 30. This is a significant change that allows the PvP enthusiasts to experience it sooner and the scaling is great too.

The New Features Are Exciting

The Shadowbringers expansion launching this summer is only the tip of the iceberg. The new features planned like being able to replay your early adventures, or the new NPC Trust system that lets you solo dungeons with NPC characters are all excellent additions. Not only is it long time coming, but it will help appease the MMO player-base whether you’re a veteran or new player. Additionally, the game keeps adding depth, and the new Viera race will be a fan favorite for sure.

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