Game Archive In The University Of Michigan Is Open To The Public.

Game Archive In The University Of Michigan Is Open To The Public.

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Game Archive In The University Of Michigan Is Open To The Public.

If you live close to Ann Arbor Michigan than you are very lucky. Because, University of Michigan have opened their game archive for the public!. UM have opened the game archive in 2006. It contains more than 7000 titles on all platforms. From legendary arcade games like Pacman to Contemporary masterpieces like Call of Duty.

The mission of the archive is to capture the essence of video game culture as history unfolds. This is the reason why this game archive is the first one to open it’s gates for the public. The games are nothing without someone playing them. Therefore, the archive doesn’t only store the games but rather stores the culture that grew on it.

Many visitor are already coming multiple times a week for some gaming experience. If you have grew up with an Atari and miss it, than you should drop a visit to the archive. The archive has resurrected games that seem forgotten. The experience sounds amazing, i wish i could dig up some old titles from my past: Diablo 1, Fifa 96 and Red Alert. even the original counter strike would be awesome. I wonder if there is a local multiplayer area for me to come with my friends to play.

But it’s not all fun. Other field studies turn into video games to understand their research. A history proffesor has brought his class to see how ancient Japan culture is represented in modern video games. Also, members of the engineering faculty played Forza in it’s designated platform to understand the impact of driving and texting.

So, if you are trying to save money to get to the archive and spend days over there, let us know. Which games will you play in the archive? Please share your thoughts with us on this blogpost.

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