Get A Headstart With These Albion Online Starter Tips

Get A Headstart With These Albion Online Starter Tips

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Albion Online is a free to play sandbox player-driven MMORPG that offers both the conventional and non conventional PvP and PvE, with full loot on death. You’ve probably heard about how heavy the grind is in this game. I won’t lie, it is pretty extensive, but doesn’t necessarily take away from the enjoyment that you can have. The game is best enjoyed with others, but it can be played solo. There are plenty of ways to make your journey in Albion Online smoother, so here are some beginner tips that might help you get your footing in the world.

Get Familiar with the Destiny Board Progression

The Destiny Board is a humongous wheel of progression that will realistically take years to complete and master. It can be overwhelming seeing it for the first time. What you need to know is that everything is related to each other, and progression in one orb will often need concurrent progression in another. That’s how players move up in the world, beginning at Tier 1 and ascending to Tier 8.

My biggest advice is to spend some time to understand what are your options here. Look for your favorite activities or play styles on the board. There’s farming, crafting, and orbs for classes, gear and weapons. Once you have an idea of what you want to do and play as, compartmentalize, pick a few and start progressing them. Don’t try to do them all at once, because that will take far too much time to complete and will leave you feeling crappy.

Join A Guild Who Share Your Goals Quickly

And because you made the effort to pick and choose one or two paths out of the lot, you are now specialized. To help you gain items, equipment and other things from areas you can’t be self sufficient in, you have to join a guild. A guild where its members are all specialized in different progressions on the Destiny Board will run like a well oiled machine. This will make you journey up the Tiers easier, and all you need to do is focus on what areas you contribute to your guild. Of course, you’ll still need to go out and kill landscape mobs to progress your chosen class/weapon/equipment as well.

But there’s also the social aspect of Albion Online. Guilds are fun when you find the right one. The benefits of having a common shared purpose is rewarding. There’s also guild houses where you can craft and use crafting stations without being hamstrung by crazy taxes in towns. Guild versus Guild PVP is also awesome, so if you like that, go for it.

Rush Your House And Build A Farm

For solo players, rushing a house and getting a farm plot is an absolute must. I’ve found that farming for food and later own breeding animals will be a lucrative way to make Silver in the game. Farming and Breeding livestock is almost like a mini game of Harvest Moon within Albion Online. This is also a very self sustaining way of making an income, because crafted food is something important in the game. Both players and buildings need food in the game, and if you can provide that constantly, the Silver will keep flowing in.

Do Your Daily Expeditions

Most towns have Daily Expedition NPCs. These are daily dungeons that can be played solo or in groups. The first solo Expedition appears at Tier 3. I highly suggest for new players, solo players and casuals to do this consistently daily. The rewards are good – at Tier 3 for example, completing the Expedition rewards you with 2,000 Silver. And the amount rises with every Tier you hit. This is a great way to earn kills for Fame progression, as well as make some income on a daily basis.

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