God Eater Online Is About To Launch In Japan

God Eater Online Is About To Launch In Japan

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God Eater Online Is About To Launch In Japan.

Bandai Namco, One of the biggest gaming developers out there, are about to launch God Eater Online in Japan. God Eater is a mobile spin off for the popular MMORPG series. The game has some similarities to the dark Soul franchise but with anime graphics. If you didn’t know, Bandai Namco are also resposible for Dark Souls and Pro Evolution Soccer. The developer is launching around 10 games every year and most of them are huge hits.

The decision to launch God Eater for mobile was a dramatic decision. While the human trend of leaving your computer for mobile devices has escalated, developers are trying to take a bite from the new and bigger cake. Monster slaying is extremely difficult on PC, Therefore, it’s very interesting to see how this game will develop. I can’t imagine playing Dark Souls on Mobile, the game is too rich to be powered by a mobile engine. Take a look at the trailer:

Of course, the graphics and the gameplay look awesome. I feel very unfortunate that i’m not in Japan, I would love to test it out. My passion for Dark Souls draws me to God Eater online like a fly is attracted to light. I assume that the pre-registration phase which was launched in Japan is a big sign for things to come. Therefore, i think that the Asia release date is approaching faster than anticipated while the Western launch will take effect a bit later. This is a very good sign for things to come, i can’t wait to test out God eater online.

What do you think? Does God Eater Online will revolutionize the MMORPG genre in mobile? Please, Share with us your thoughts

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