Gorgonide Invasion Returns To Skyforge Today

Gorgonide Invasion Returns To Skyforge Today

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Skyforge players who hate snakes, we’ve got bad news. The Gorgonide Invasion arrives today, July 21st, and these serpentine scoundrels led by the bedazzling Avatar Akonita, have returned and set their sights on Aelion once again.

During the invasion, players can complete seasonal challenges by sending Gorgonides slithering back into the darkest corners of the cosmos. You’ll earn Invasion Points as you go, unlocking Invasion-exclusive rewards like new cosmetics. There are also free rewards available to all players, but you can double your yield by purchasing an Invasion Pass!

As for rewards, you can unlock 20 rounds of exclusive, limited-time rewards, including a new Costume, Exoskeleton Modules, plenty of resources, currency, and other cosmetic items to up your style ante! You can also get the Flying Blades Wings as an instant reward when you purchase the Invasion Pass.

The new Exoskeleton Modules may be of particular interest to Aelion’s defenders. The Current Supply Base Module has a 20% chance of boosting your Companion’s attacks under certain conditions, while the Rear Electrode Back Module can supercharge your companion’s attacks to create electrified zones, increasing any damage you deal by a whopping 30%.

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