Grand Fantasia's Latest Update Introduces Three New Maps and More

Grand Fantasia’s Latest Update Introduces Three New Maps and More

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Gamigo’s free to play MMORPG Grand Fantasia has an exciting new update for its players. Together with their sprite companions, players can venture into the colorful game world and collect items for their new pvp-focused equipment. The “Awakening System” makes it possible to further improve the new equipment. If players collect a complete set, they will receive a unique “Red Glow.”

In the dark parallel world “Alternate Dimension”, players can explore three new maps. Valuable rewards await the heroes brave enough to face the dangerous monsters roaming these mysterious lands.

In a new dungeon, players will once again encounter the boss “Carso,” who is doing his best to cause mayhem. Furthermore, there will be numerous small improvements for a better overall experience. More information about the latest update and Grand Fantasia are on the official website.

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