GTA Movie Coming Soon?

GTA Movie Coming Soon?

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The possibilty of a GTA movie was examined in a recent interview with Take Two’s CEO, Strauss Zelnick. Zelnick has mentioned that the studios are always looking for new opportunities and movie adaptations could be the next chapter in the Take Two life cycle. Take Two was established in 1993 and in it’s 24 years of activity they have delivered amazing titles such as: GTA, Bio Shock, NBA 2K, Borderlands and many more.

2016 saw plenty of video games turning into movies. However, it doesn’t matter how successful a video game is, in order to blow expectations on the silver screen something unique has to happen. World Of Warcraft and Angry Birds are an example for disappointing movie adaptations in 2016. Furthermore, Minecraft and Skylanders are examples for games turning into movies and TV shows. The majority of these adaptations are absolute failures in the box office. Take Two’s attempt at movie adaptations has failed miserably with Max Payne.

Therefore, Zelnick claims that the studio won’t seek to open it’s own department of movie productions. GTA is probably the biggest game franchise in the world, a movie about it will draw a huge crowed. However, the studio specializes in games and not movies. The limitations on movies could jeopardize the creative spirit of the studio and would damage the final outcome. GTA 5 for example, is a huge game with many hours of gameplay. The attempt to squeeze it into an hour and half is a sure failure. I appreciate the vision of Take Two, even though they can make a lot of money from these adaptations, they seek to invest in what they are good at.

However, my mind can’t get a rest. I would love to see a GTA movie, or a Borderlands one. Comics movies are a blazing hot trend, but it took a lot of years until that happened. In my opinion, video games have everything that a good movie needs, it’s just a matter of time until they will flourish.

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