Guild Wars 2 Releases New Living World Episode

Guild Wars 2 Releases New Living World Episode

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Guild Wars 2 Releases New Living World Episode

The Living World story for Guild Wars 2 is getting some new major content as a new episode has arrived. Head of the Snake is the fourth episode for the game’s Living World Season 3, so it’s time to dust off your characters.

The new episode will continue the game’s active story and will take place in the White Mantle. Crisis erupts and players must now answer the summons of Queen Jenna to identify internal threats that are corrupting the powers of the capital city.

Besides the new story episode, players are also getting a new raid wing. The Bastion of the Penitent raid is the final wing of the Bloodstone Fen. It’s also the most challenging one yet! So prepare you friends and jump in to save Tyria again. This is great news especially for players at the level cap. There hasn’t been much to do at end-game lately, so this new raid wing will keep you busy for a few months. Hopefully, the rewards will match the challenge too.

I’ve always been a huge supporter of Guild Wars 2’s Living Story. It’s an unconventional way to progress a persistent narrative, but more importantly it works. In may ways, it’s fail safe way to keep players coming back to the game. This is especially true when we run out of things to do at end game.

The only thing that irks me is that for new players, you must pay to purchase an entire Living World Season if you missed them. So if you’ve just joined in time for Season 3, you have to pay to play Season 1. Either way, the content is there if you want to do it so the choice is totally in your hands.

So will Guild Wars 2’s Season 3, Episode 4 be a hit or miss?



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