Guild Wars 2 Unveils Brand New Forums

Guild Wars 2 Unveils Brand New Forums

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Guild Wars 2 Unveils Brand New Forums

Guild Wars 2 has just unveiled its super sleek new official game forums. The new forums are much better equipped and in-line with today’s technology to handle the high volume chatter we’ve come to expect from enthusiastic gamers.

The new forums offers many great features, including Single Sign On Technology. This allows incredibly quick and easy sign ins using your GW2 game account. Here’s a snippet of the new tech:

“Our new forums will use SSO (single sign-on) technology, so logging in will be simple yet secure. Join anytime by logging in through your game account’s username (your email address) and password. Your display name in the forums will match your display name in the game. For security reasons, we won’t store your password on the forums themselves, just your display name. Once you have logged in, you can visit your personal profile page to customize your account, and then start checking out the features and functionality of the new forums.”

In addition to that, the forums will also have an in-built search engine, which is awesome. Search functions is most other game forums are stuff of nightmare, so it’s good to see this implemented. To check out the brand new Guild Wars 2 forums, click here.

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