Guild Wars 2 Will Now Let You Salvage Runes and Sigils

Guild Wars 2 Will Now Let You Salvage Runes and Sigils

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Runes and sigils in Guild Wars 2 are becoming salvageable. That’s right, no more minor runes and sigils clogging up your bag space!

When runes and sigils are salvaged, they’ll yield a new material called a lucent mote. You’ll also have a chance to salvage rarer materials: symbols from sigils, and charms from runes. Lucent motes can be refined by all crafting disciplines and—along with symbols and charms—used in recipes to create sigils and runes.

The chance to extract runes and sigils from a salvaged item using a salvaging kit will change to a chance to salvage runes and sigils. You’ll still be able to obtain runes and sigils directly through new Mystic Forge recipes that make use of the salvaged materials.

Guild Wars 2’s Black Lion Salvage Kits will retain their current functionality with a 100% chance to extract upgrades from salvaging gear. Additionally, the price of Upgrade Extractors will be adjusted from one for 250 gems to three for 250 gems, ten for 700 gems, and twenty-five for 1500 gems.

Many recipes now use the new rune and sigil salvage materials rather than their previous basic crafting materials. Guild Wars 2 are also adding several recipes for runes that could previously only be obtained by salvaging them from gear. Numerous recipes will be available from crafting trainers, but you can discover others as rare drops or rewards throughout Tyria.

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