Heavy Metal Machines Gets A Brand New Arena Map

Heavy Metal Machines Gets A Brand New Arena Map

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Heavy Metal Machines Gets A Brand New Arena Map

Vehicle destruction online game Heavy Metal Machines is adding a new arena with its latest patch. The Temple of Sacrifice is now live for players to check out, and features fun new mechanics. During a match in the new arena, all vehicles will begin from the same point. The challenge and the objective will be to deliver a bomb to the opposite side.

This throws a curve ball to players who are familiar with the game’s solitary arena previously. Moreover, the shortcuts and other paths are different now, which means learning the new ones as you go along. The new arena adds much needed freshness and diversity to the game. Unfortunately, no new vehicles are being added with this patch, but hopefully one is in the works for the near future.

Keep up to date on all the latest HMM happenings on the Steam page here. Here’s and official developer note on the new arena:

“The Temple of Sacrifice in Heavy Metal Machines was a holy sanctuary where humankind used to pay tribute to the dark creatures that lurked underground to keep the peace. After the apocalypse and rise of Metal City, the Temple was found by Metal Herald and became a new battleground forHeavy Metal Machines players. With a “T” shaped arena, the new area allows players to “sacrifice” their enemies for the greater good hence its name, The Temple of Sacrifice.”

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