Heavy Metal Machines Receives Limited Time Models

Heavy Metal Machines Receives Limited Time Models

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Heavy Metal Machines, the post-apocalyptic car combat PC MOBA, has received a scary update featuring limited time character models. Little Monster, Rampage and Black Lotus get their fan-favorite outfits resurrected for “Heavy Halloween”, giving them a mysterious ancient mummy appearance. (“Curse of Nefertem”), poisoned spiders (“Arachnophobia”) or even a brain-exposed Frankenstein monster on wheels (“It’s Alive”).

In addition to this spooky content available in the ingame store, Heavy Metal Machines has also summoned back a Halloween skin for the Artificer character, a pumpkin-witch-bat look that seems straight out of hell. This time, however, players can earn the “71st Witchcraft” skin entirely for free by completing 40 group matches on Steam with friends until the 20th November.

All new skins are from the Heavy Metal category, and change not only the characters’ looks, but also their abilities when equipped and will be available until the 4th December.

Heavy Metal Machines is a one­-of-a-­kind 4v4 multiplayer arena combat game where two teams battle it out across three deadly arenas to be the first to score a goal and destroy their opponent’s base. Players choose from a roster of psychotic post-apocalyptic road warriors with each over-the-top personality bringing their own unique death machine, delivering a distinct style of gameplay with awesome upgrades and customizations to match. Over a dozen vehicles are available, dealing destruction while being accompanied by a dynamic, mood­setting heavy metal soundtrack.

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