Here's Why Ascent: Infinite Realm (Elyon) Is The Next Big MMORPG

Here’s Why Ascent: Infinite Realm (Elyon) Is The Next Big MMORPG

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Ascent: Infinite Realm or now known as Elyon in 2020, is an upcoming MMORPG from both Bluehole and Kakao Games. It was announced publicly almost two years ago, and it’s currently in development. What’s interesting about this MMORPG besides the fact that it’s Korean, is that it will be Bluehole’s first major title since PUBG. Secondly, the game setting and gameplay are refreshing in terms of MMORPG, and we’ll discuss that later on. So here’s our 5 reasons why you should keep your eyes out for its release.

Steampunk Airships For The Win

Ascent: Infinite Realm takes place in a high fantasy steampunk world where machines and magic rule and everyone is dependent on flight to explore, travel, and conquer. In search of a new home, adventurers take to the skies using a wide selection of airships, vehicles, and flying mounts to traverse A:IR’s open, highly vertical world.

Realm vs Realm Combat

Vehicles and mounts in A:IR serve more than just the purpose of transportation; they will also provide adventurers with the ultimate battle experience: A:IR’s Realm vs Realm PvP mode. In RvR, factions fight for fame and glory, taking turns to lead offensive and defensive efforts using all kinds of fantastical flying vehicles. Players can also join the fight from the ground with mechs and the use of anti-air artillery to fight airborne threats―or initiate ground based aerial attacks depending on the map and strategy. Various strategic weapons such as cannons, mines and attack buffs are at each faction’s disposal to tip the balance in their favour. The combination of ground-based and aerial combat makes each fight strategically challenging and dynamic.

Highly Personalized

Most of A:IR’s content is highly customizable, allowing players to tailor detailed aspects of their play experience and unleash their creativity. An airship, for instance, can have its type, appearance, color, and performance modified. Players can even create their own quests, alter their hunting grounds, and change the difficulty when battling monsters in dungeons or hunting areas.

Experienced Publisher

Outside of gameplay, let’s not forget that Ascent: Infinite Realm is in good hands. Publishers Kakao Games have bags of experience when it comes to overseeing Korean MMORPGs for Western audiences. They are responsible for arguably, Korea’s most successful MMORPG import today, Black Desert Online. BDO has grown immensely in terms of content and player-base, and in 2019 the game will also arrive on console for the first time. If Kakao Games can see a fruitful release in the West of Ascent: Infinite Realm as well, the future may look good for this MMORPG.

Progression That’s Unique

As players progress, the terrain and altitude become higher and tougher, and the enemy threats become more intense. The airships contain powerful weapons to help deal with the sudden appearance of monsters and enemy threats. Mounts, pioneering equipment, and weapons must be enhanced in order to sustain expansion and protection. The constantly evolving airships and weapons are the core survival strategy of A:IR. When getting the role and functions of all the available airships and equipment, and actively utilizing them, A:IR will be a more complete and solid experience.

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