Here's Why World of Tanks Is The Best Tank MMO

Here’s Why World of Tanks Is The Best Tank MMO

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When it comes to team-based vehicle PvP MMOs, no one does it quite like World of Tanks. Blasting the scene wide open in 2010 on the global stage, World of Tanks have since become one of the most played combat MMOs this generation. Its blend of chaotic tank warfare is unmatched by both competitors and rivals alike. But what makes the game stand out? Here are our reasons as to why World of Tanks is worth playing if you haven’t checked it out yet.

How The Game Works

While you may be eager to just jump into a tank and blast away, it’s good to know the basics. You are the commander of a tank. Tanks are available in a variety of selections from Nations that were active in historical warfare. You’ll find WWII to the Cold War era tanks. You’ll be able to upgrade your tanks and ships with better armaments, weaponry and crew. When beginning, you’ll start with a select variety of Tier 1 vehicles, which begins your journey.

You will also need to take part in PvP matches and depending on your performance, can earn varying amount of experience points and currency. These will be used for research to obtain higher tier vehicles, and the currency will be used to buy ammunition and vehicles too.

So far, pretty straightforward yes? Let’s go over battles. Standard mode PvP matches pits two teams of 15 (Tanks) against each other. Your objective will be to destroy all players on the opposite side or capture their base to win. Both games now have a variety of modes with different objectives should you wish to break the monotony. Matches will be your primary source of daily fun to earn your XP to progress and research.

Warfare Gameplay

Perhaps the best part about World of Tanks are the tanks. You’re not just the commander. You’re the driver and gunner all at once too. layers are given full control over everything – from steering, aiming and pulling the trigger. It’s hugely satisfying. In a single match, there are multiple aspects you want to be aware of in order to win. The first is the points tally. Players earning points for spotting/scouting, long range artillery strikes and more. These will take form of currency which you can then later spend researching better upgrades and tanks.

World of Tanks has a large playerbase which makes finding matches quick and easy. Matches are fast-paced, all action and tons of fun, win or loose. There are multiple maps available that your array of tanks can compete on, and each one feels uniquely different.


Plenty of Progression

The key thing to note about World of Tanks is definitely the progression, otherwise known as the grind to many. Players start with lowly tier 1 tanks and must gain more currency in order to get higher tier tanks. However, XP comes slow and requires you to play a lot of matches.

Because of how matchmaking works, each match will pair you against tanks of different Tiers. So you can expect to be getting hammered an awful lot and you’ll be playing a lot of matches in the low tier brackets before you feel like you’re progressing or making a difference. Once you get to Tier 4 and move from a Light tank to a Medium tank, things get a lot better, but again, it takes a long time to get there.


If you enjoy a fast-paced and chaotic land based battles, World of Tanks is absolutely a must play. The tanks and maps feel great to play with, and there’s plenty to do in the long-term. If you haven’t yet check out the game in 2020, World of Tanks is definitely worth playing. To see if World of Warships is the better game for you, click here.

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