Here's Why You Should Check Out Guild Wars 2 This Week

Here’s Why You Should Check Out Guild Wars 2 This Week

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It’s a new week on Guild Wars 2, and the MMORPG has some exciting things lined up for players to check out.

Deep Wilds Mount Collection

First up, there’s a brand new collection for mounts. Take home a pretty prismatic griffon, a dark and stormy skyscale, or a charming skimmer—there’s a new look for each of your mounts! These skins are available exclusively through Deep Wilds Mount Select Licenses and Deep Wilds Mount Adoption Licenses.

    • Raptor: Kintsugi Raptor, Dark Matter Raptor
    • Springer: Lucent Long Ear
    • Skimmer: Dappled Reef Glaucus, Alluring Devilfish
    • Jackal: Taiga Lupine
    • Griffon: Sunrise Macaw, Aurene’s Prismatic Griffon
    • Roller Beetle: Great Lavashell, Exalted Way Seeker
    • Warclaw: Striped Grimalkin, Renegade Warclaw, Exo-Suit Warclaw
    • Skyscale: Stormscale, Darkmist Terror

Unlock “Long Live the Lich” Episode for Free

Return to Living World™ continues with Season 4! Log in and pick up an unlock token for this week’s spotlight episode, “Long Live the Lich.” You’ll need to upgrade your account with Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™ to play the content, but you can still unlock it to play later if you don’t own the expansion.

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