Hunter's Arena Legends Guide: Best Characters To Use!

Hunter’s Arena Legends Guide: Best Characters To Use!

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Hunter’s Arena: Legends is a brand new MOBA/ARPG and MMO hybrid in which 60 players compete to become the last one standing. The Battle Royale contains the elements of MMOPRG and fighting games, including leveling up, equipment farming, clearing dungeons, and boss raids. The various gameplay strategies, the easy yet intense battles, and the suspense that can creep in at any moment is enough to reel you in to this one of kind PvP world. Currently in its second closed beta, the game offers three different modes.

To succeed however, players must master the skills, combos and equipment of their chosen Characters. Here are the best characters to use in Hunter’s Arena: Legends


Jun is the first character players will use in the game’s tutorial, and he’s a melee up-in-your-face archetype that does plenty of damage. His Talon Attack skill does good damage especially to normal monsters but will need to be upgraded down the line to be effective against other players. Jun is the best go-to character for new players who want a melee play-style.

[Basic Combo]

#1 (Talon Attack) – Normal Attack – Normal Attack – #2 (Bloodstorm) – Sway Approach – #4 (Ultimate Assault)


  • It’s easy to quickly approach the enemy or attack the flank by using Sway twice in succession to catch the enemy off guard.
  • As the character can pull in or quickly approach an enemy in a distance, which makes it advantageous to start a fight from a distance.
  • This character is strong in 1v1 combat, but weak in skirmishes. Make sure to keep an eye for groups of enemies.
  • The character is heavily dependent on normal attacks and works well with weapons that inflict [Physical Damage].


With a character design that’s both graceful in aesthetic and movement, Ara is one of two long-range characters in-game currently and she’s arguably the best. Ara’s skill set consist of mid-tier range damage skills on top of a self buff/heal and her ultimate ability is pretty cool – she smashes things with a classical instrument. While she’s squishy, clever players will know when and where to pick fights, and she’s best utilize in a group.

[Basic Combo]

#3 (Lucid Dream) Continuous Input – #1 (Dissonance) – Normal Attack – #2 (Illusion Overture)


  • Ara has a variety of long-range skills. When fighting, keep your distance as far as you can!
  • #3 (Lucid Dream) can be used offensively, but can also be used to enhance other skills with a long button press.
  • Use the passive skill (Lycoris) when enemies approach. This skill can keep the enemies far away from the character.
  • [Skill Attack Power] based Weapons are amazing for Ara.


The panda Tau is a beast. Simply put, if you like tanky archetypes, then Tau’s your guy. Tau is all about managing your stamina to absorb enemy attacks and then dishing it back two-fold especially against downed enemies and players. He is best played with and paired with more squish players, but he’s fully capable of holding his own.

[Basic Combo]

#1 (Beast Dash) – #3 (Earth Tremor) – #2 (Rock Breaker)


  • Tau can inflict heavy damage to downed enemies. Concentrate on knocking down enemies.
  • #2 (Rock Breaker) costs a lot of stamina. Manage your Stamina carefully.
  • Use the passive skill (Inner Peace) to quickly recover depleted Stamina.
  • Sum Jung and Tau make a great team.

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