Is April The Holy Grail Month For MMOs?

Is April The Holy Grail Month For MMOs?

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April 2017 is shaping up to be a hectic – great for players – month for MMOs. There is a ton of stuff going on across a large number of MMORPGs. These vary from game to game. There’s festivals, anniversaries, new content, big reveals and major patches.

I have sympathy for the developers and community managers doing overtime this month. As a player, this is really a great month to be an MMO nomad jumping around these games. Here is a compilation of everything that’s going down this April.

Secret World: Legends Closed Beta

The Secret World relaunch is well underway with Secret World: Legends. The new stand-alone game is currently in CBT, but that didn’t stop players from leaking info. Appearing on Reddit and other places, players have leaked the new combat tweaks and systems. This has given Funcom no choice but to address the leaks publicly and show off more CBT gameplay footage this month.

Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Box Festival

The much loved SAB festival is back in Guild Wars 2 this month. After last year’s no show, players are no back in the SAB to hunt more Baubble Bubbles. The content remains the same, but one can never tire of jumping puzzles and pix elated retro gameplay. There are a lot of rewards to gain, so if you have not checked this out, do so before the end of the month.

Black Desert Online New Class & Content Announcement

Over at Pearl Abyss, BDO has dropped some major announcements. Among them is of course the brand new class, The Striker. Players were informed of the developments over Twitch, and can expect new content this year as well.

TERA New Class Announcement

Action combat MMORPG TERA also have a new class in-game this month. The Valkyrie is a tank specialist that looks awesome. There’s even a cool leveling event that rewards players for playing the Valkyrie class right away too. All this is happening in April, so get in on the act for the cool rewards.

Marvel Heroes Omega PlayStation 4 Reveal

For console players, some good news dropped this month too. Marvel Heroes 2016 is bringing its super hero goodness to the PS4. Marvel Heroes Omega will have the same story content and decent amount of heroes at launch. More content will be added in over time.

The Elder Scrolls Online 3rd Year Anniversary Celebrations

As far as MMO milestones, this month celebrates the first of two. The Elder Scrolls Online turns three years old this month, after releasing back in 2014. There are already in-game celebrations with daily and weekly quests. There’s a brand new memento to obtain, which grants players a 100% xp buff for the duration of the event.

The Lord of the Rings Online 10th Year Anniversary Celebrations

The second anniversary celebration is taking place in Middle Earth this April. MMORPG veteran Lotro is celebrating an amazing 10 year milestone. There are huge plans for the celebration this month, with the usual festival and more. No information about the new milestone content is out yet, so stay tuned for more.

Master X Master Closed Beta

MOBA/Isometric Action MMO Master X Master also opened it’s doors this month. Players can openly sign up to participate in the closed beta. Open beta will come later in April, so now’s a good time to jump in and experience this hybrid MMO. There will be rewards for players who are participating in beta when the game finally launches.

Ship of Heroes Kickstarter Announcement & Cancellation

The last slot belongs to Ship of Heroes. The superhero MMO began the month with positive news, announcing a new Kickstarter campaign. The game was seeking $400k in funding. Unfortunately, a few days later the campaign was abandoned by the developers. According to them, they believe that they entered Kickstarter too soon and will now return to developing the game further.





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