Is Final Fantasy The Best MMORPG In 2021?

Is Final Fantasy The Best MMORPG In 2021?

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Final Fantasy 14 has come a long way since its troubled launch, on today it’s one of the biggest and most played MMORPGs out there. Last year’s Shadowbringers expansion further solidified its status as the best premium MMO, and this year the changes and additions to the game has only made it easier for new players to get going quicker, which is good news. But for players still on the fence, here’s why you should definitely check it out.

The Storytelling Is Amazing

You’ve probably heard this one before about FFXIV. Final Fantasy XIV – much like all the other games in the franchise – relies heavily on story and narrative driven gameplay. In this MMORPG, you character takes up the mantle of Warrior of Light begins adventuring around the world of Eorzia, gaining memorable companions along the way. Will a mix of fully voiced dialogue cut-scenes, well written plot and more, it’s easy to immerse yourself in the world FFXIV has cultivated over the last 6 years. It doesn’t get off to a good start however, and something FFXIV suffers with is the vanilla content’s pacing. It feels like one giant introductory quest to MMO’s for new players all the way up to level 50. However having said that, the game just picks up significantly in terms of content, story and characters once you get to the game’s first expansion, Heavensward. And trust us, it only ascends from there on out, with Shadowbringers being the pinnacle of the game’s excellent use of world and character building, to tie stories together in a satisfying way, since first encountering certain elements set in motion from years ago. It’s definitely the game’s biggest strength, so if you like a good story in an MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV delivers in the end.

One of the Best MMO Communities

MMORPG communities foster over time, and a good indicator of just how well a game is doing can be seen in its community. FFXIV’s community in 2021 is definitely right up there among the good. Folks are friendly, welcoming and there’s an air excitement in general. The new expansion definitely is the catalyst, as new content in this MMORPG always brings more players in, and returning ones back. That creates a good well for both sets of players to mix, and FFXIV does have tools in place to foster bonds between the two. That includes the Mentor system, new player icons and of course, New and Preferred servers that encourages folks to play together for benefits. Don’t be fooled into thinking there isn’t toxicity here – every MMORPG has asshats, but the good news is they’re pretty much drowned out by the sheer amount of good folks on FFXIV right now, taking advantage of Shadowbringers to bolster  their guilds (free companies) with all the recruitment. If you are looking for a guild to play with, now’s a fantastic time to get picked up.

Developers That Listen

When it comes to MMORPG developers, we judge them on a multitude of factors, especially how they react to player feedback. Square Enix does indeed care, albeit they take their time implementing improvements to the game. The benefit of jumping into Final Fantasy XIV four years after release is that you’re getting the best of the changes now. One of the major complaints of the base game is that PvP requirement. The new Stormblood expansion now makes it faster to get into PvP, beginning at level 30. This is a significant change that allows the PvP enthusiasts to experience it sooner and the scaling is great too.

FFXIV’s Multi-Class System

One of the game’s best features is hands down, the Job mechanic. See, in Final Fantasy XIV, you start with one class in the beginning. At certain levels, you can then unlock and pick additional classes, and advanced classes called Jobs down the line. The best part is you can swap between them at any time. They level independently, giving you room to experiment, and play the content you want as the role you want, anytime. It’s a great system that does away with an age-old MMORPG trope of leveling alts just to try something different. While FFXIV knows you’re on the subscription, it isn’t trying to blatantly milk you for cash by having you level multiple alts just to keep you around longer. This system lets you grind for everything on one character, including gear sets that can be shared with your jobs that can use them. It’s incredibly welcoming for MMORPG veterans in that department, especially considering the replay value you have with the amount of Jobs in-game currently and the numerous amount of dungeons, Trials and Raids available to play with.

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