Is Heroes Evolved A Worthy Alternative In An Overcrowded MOBA Genre?

Is Heroes Evolved A Worthy Alternative In An Overcrowded MOBA Genre?

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Is Heroes Evolved A Worthy Alternative In An Overcrowded MOBA Genre?

We all love MOBA games. There’s something addictive about these competitive games and it’s hard to narrow down why. Perhaps it’s that adrenaline we get in the heat of the moment. Or is it that success depends on skill, teamwork and timing?

There are just too many variables, made harder by the ever growing genre. Today just about every studio has tried their hand at creating a MOBA. Heroes Evolved is one such competitor. Can this game stand out among the greats like DOTA 2 and League of Legends?

1. What Makes It Good?

Heroes Evolved by R2 Games is unmistakably a MOBA that takes its inspiration from fan favorites DOTA 2 and League of Legends. Don’t write off its resemblance as just a copy though, as the game tries to be different and succeeds by introducing interesting gameplay mechanics such as a Glyph system, which allows players to alter the stats of their heroes like an RPG game.
Players will also have access to a large pool of heroes at release, and all 58 heroes are uniquely themed, well designed and come fully voiced. The MOBA gameplay feels both fresh and familiar and there are two types of match modes available alongside two maps. While it isn’t the best looking game out there graphically, it does hold its own style with a mix of LoL’s comic and cartoon design with a bit of anime.

2. What Needs To Improve?

Where the game falls short is with its match-making system that can’t seem to balance matches properly. Albeit it’s still early days, having a working match-making system is crucial towards building a thriving player base, whilst keeping the game fair and competitive for all. Currently, the system has a tendency to pair new players with very experienced opponents, and fills the empty slots with bots. This makes some matches incredibly one sided. Thankfully this doesn’t happen very often but when it does it gets really frustrating.
Speaking of bots, Heroes Evolved also lacks a decent comp stomp versus the AI. There is one co-op mode which pits you solo with AI teammates against bots, but you can’t chose their difficulty level and are left with the default setting which seems to be above normal. This makes the practice mode harder than it should be. It’s great for experienced players wanting to keep sharp, but bad for newer players who want to practice.

3. Is It Worthy?

As a MOBA, Heroes Evolved is a great alternative in the genre. It keeps the familiar gameplay solid while introducing some fresh mechanics such as simplifying stats and its Glyph RPG system. Players looking for something different will definitely find it here. The game feels good without sacrificing the competitive nature of matches and large pool of heroes to experiment with. While some early release issues remain, expect Heroes Evolved to only get better with each update.

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