Is The Ashes Of Creation Hype Justified?

Is The Ashes Of Creation Hype Justified?

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Ashes of Creation

Ashes of Creation will be entering its Kickstarter campaign on the 1st of May. This open world sandbox MMORPG has been simmering in development over the past year. To-date we’ve seen snippets of pre-alpha footages and spoken to the developers about what this game will bring to the genre, and so far it sounds good.

However, it sounds almost too good to be through. I’ve always been skeptical about the crowd-funded space, as games that deserves the funding get killed and the ones that don’t make it through. In fact, the market is flooded with clones and P2W garbage that started as a great promise from Kickstarter. Ashes of Creation is garnering a lot of hype, and I worry that if this one fails, it could signal the end of up and coming MMORPGs. So the question is, is the hype justified?

My answer is yes, and here is why.

A Living Sandbox World

The premise begins the same way countless recent Kickstarter MMOs have. The promise of an open world with sandbox elements. The limit on the sandbox portion have always been the same though. It begins and ends with player driven economies, player housing and player owned towns.

But have you heard of the core game experience changing and adapting to the actions of players and the community? I haven’t. And that’s what Ashes of Creation promises. The world will be procedural build around the choices of players to reflect what is happening. These includes quests and story too, which I find intriguing.

AAA Quality Design

It’s also evident from the slew of pre-alpha footage clips on YouTube that this MMORPG is incredibly polished. It’s not even began its Kickstarter yet, but the bulk of the back work seems to have already been taken care of. The design of the game world looks amazing in quality, environments look way better than half of the MMOs that came out of Kickstarter over the last few years could ever produce.

The graphics, models and animations are made in the Unreal engine, and so far they look amazing. It’s almost as good as a AAA single player RPG game in the mold of Dragon Age: Inquisition or The Witcher. There’s something magical about the way combat takes place, using limited skill slots and a mix of tab target and action based combat. They hype is borne not out of word of mouth, but from what the pre-alpha video already shows. And it’s easy to see why a lot of players are excited.

Last Hope For The Genre

Above all else, what I’ve seen from Ashes of Creation is a humongous project that’s carrying the MMORPG baton. It’s a well made game that is trying to show the gaming world that MMORPGs can be interesting, with unique concepts and fun game play in today’s modern graphics and technology.

The Kickstarter campaign has to succeed. As a hardcore MMO player I want it to. It would give hope to aspiring MMO studios and developers to continue making great games to keep this genre alive. Kickstarter has a funny way of hyping bad games in the past. We’ve seen it all before – open world sandbox MMOs that take millions of dollars to make. And the final product is nothing but garbage.

For all our sakes, I sincerely hope Ashes of Creation ends that stigma and be the new poster boy for the genre. It’s no longer about beating World of Warcraft. It’s about keeping the MMORPG genre alive. And I hope it succeeds.



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