Kritika Online Celebrates First Anniversary With Events and Sales

Kritika Online Celebrates First Anniversary With Events and Sales

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Kritika Online Celebrates First Anniversary With Events and Sales

One year ago, Kritika Online launched in North America and Europe, and the game is celebrating its first anniversary with some special events and sales. For details on these, check the features below:

Who Wants Cake?

Bosses through Kritika Online Danger Zones will drop birthday cake when they’re defeated. Ultimate bosses drop three pieces of cake, Windhome bosses drop two pieces, and any boss over level 14 drops one. Visit any town hub to trade these cake pieces with the giant birthday cake in the middle of town for useful items, or choose from a selection of special Anniversary costume items.

Hide-and-Seek Event

King Piglet’s relatives are hiding all across Kirenos. For the first five days of the anniversary celebration, one of King Piglet’s relatives will hide somewhere in one of the town hubs with all six being out in the wild on day six. Find them for big prizes, including Mysterious Keys and Emblem boxes.

Sales Bundles

There’s  a variety of limited-time anniversary bundles in the in-game EMP Shop with great discounts on Elite Status, Mysterious Keys, Emblem boxes, and more! Stock up for the next year of Kritika Online. And, of course, we’ve got special deals coming to our Daily Deals page, so be sure to check that out every day.

Don’t delay! The Hide-and-Seek event ends on Wednesday, July 4, at 9 a.m. PDT. While other Anniversary events end Wednesday, July 11, at 9 a.m. PDT.



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