Kritika Online Enters the Era of the Psion with the Release of a New Class

Kritika Online Enters the Era of the Psion with the Release of a New Class

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Kritika Online Enters the Era of the Psion with the Release of a New Class

Kritika Online by En Masse Entertainment is getting a brand new class. The upcoming update will introduce the Psion class, the first class to make an appearance in the game.

The Psion doesn’t just bring some serious attitude. She also backs it up with her dual-pistols and an arsenal of psionic blades always at her command. Mixing mobility and powerful attacks at close range, the Psion is a new way to experience Kritika Online.

Moreover, all players will receive a free character slot with the update, increasing the total number of free slots to seven. To help players stay in thick of the action in the Danger Zone, the update also adds in the Fast Stage Alignment System.

Players will now be able to speak with Youla, who will be at the end of each Danger Zone, to complete a variety of tasks without returning to town, including completing quests, salvaging gear, and transporting to other Danger Zones.

En Masse Entertainment is celebrating the addition of the Psion class with in-game events. All players will receive rewards just for logging in during the “Attendance Marathon” event. The rewards increases in value for each day players log in.

Players starting brand new Psion’s will also be eligible for the “Do Your Level Best for Psion” event, allowing players to set their own leveling goals for their new characters. Achieving the self-made leveling target will grant players additional rewards! New costume bundles for the Psion have been released with this update for fashion-conscious players.


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