Lady Popular: A Materialistic Game For Girls...And Boys (Review)

Lady Popular: A Materialistic Game For Girls…And Boys (Review)

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Lady Popular: A Materialistic Game For Girls…And Boys (Review)

Lady Popular is a free to play browser game that’s been out for quite a while. In many ways, it plays like a 2D version of The Sims, and while you wouldn’t expect it to have depth, it actually does. Obviously, its marketing and sole existence is to cater to girls and women who want to play a different sort of sim game. Being a guy, I checked it out of curiousity to see just how it differs from what’s already out there when it comes to sim games.

To be frank, while it does have common browser game tropes, I did find parts of Lady Popular interesting. Especially how the developers sees the world of women and how they want you to experience it. Let’s go through some of the highlight points shall we?

There’s So Much To Do

Once you’ve set up your account, it’s time to create a character and see the world. Lady Popular is a progression game, with XP to gain for your profile from completing tasks in the world. The first few are arbitrary things like changing your gal’s hairstyle, to outfitting.

Once the tutorial and early chores are out of the way, the world is yours to explore. It’s compact in a sense that you control what activities you want to do, and there are a good variety. To progress your profile and popularity, you can take on activities such a finding a job, working at a dance club or just visiting the gym. Each of these tasks are called Goals, and completing one offers you rewards such as cash and other perks that you can spend later.

Customization Galore

And it’s what you do with your new found riches and popularity is where it got fun. Now, I’m not one that’s keen on playing dress up. But I was taken aback by the huge amount of customization options available to you. There’s thousands of fun designed cosmetic outfits, items and styles for you to tinker with, to create your perfect lady avatar. It’s not just items too, but the way your character goes around getting them.

You can select from a few apartments to get your own place as a start to the mission. In addition, you’ll have to visit the gym to get fit or hit the salon to get a new style. I like that it’s real enough to complement the wide variety of items that you get for sticking and completing to those tasks.

The Unfortunate Browser Game Trope

But, and there’s always a but – the one thing that puts me off are the long wait times in-between tasks. It’s nothing new. Popular games like Mafia Wars or any war simulation game have these mechanics. The higher you progress, the longer it takes to complete missions and tasks. The one way to make things go quicker is to obviously pull out your credit card or use PayPal to buy premium currency to bypass this.

All things considered, if you really want to see this fictional materialistic world made for women, go ahead and check it out. You can play Lady Popular for Free here.


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