League of Angels 3 Tips and Tricks

League of Angels 3 Tips and Tricks

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League of Angels 3 Tips and Tricks

League of Angels is a brand new RPG from the makers of League of Angels 1 and 2. If you haven’t heard of it yet you can check out our review over here. League of Angels 3 has a lot of features and progression systems it can get a bit daunting. If you’re like me and you like to min max every little thing you do, League of Angels 3 has a pretty steep learning curve. To help you out I gathered some tips and tricks that can help out both new and veteran players.

Speed+ feature

If you’re playing on a PC, League of Angels 3 has a really cool and useful feature, Speed+. The Speed+ feature lets you increase the game speed. This feature is very useful and you should basically always have it on. The only reason to turn it off is if you are manually fighting a tough enemy and you need to slow down and think about your moves. Other than that keep that Speed+ on and earn more faster.



Invest in one party

As you progress through League of Angels 3 you unlock more and more heroes. When you unlock a hero you get it at level 1 and leveling it to your current party’s power might take some time and a lot of resources. I would recommend, at least in the early stages of the game to choose a party of 6 heroes you like early on and invest in them only. If you do that you don’t waste scrolls on heroes that you are not using and all the scrolls you use will contribute to your overall BR.




Join a guild and max contribute

When you reach a certain level in League of Angels 3 you unlock the option to join a guild. Joining a guild is very important and you should do it the moment it unlocks. Every day you can contribute gold to your guild in exchange for guild tokens. You can use these tokens in the guild shop to purchase powerful items like mount adv. stones and hero shards. Another good way to gain guild tokens is to complete the daily cycle quest. Completing this quest and contributing will reward you with a good amount of guild tokens every day.



Free gem conversion

In League of Angels 3 you can convert gems into gold. Usually this is expensive and not worth it, but every day you get 1 free conversion. This is basically just free gold and all you have to do is go to the gem conversion screen and click it once each day.


Invest in all Divine Arma weapons

Even though you can only equip one Divine Arma into battle, its a good idea to invest in leveling up all of them. Each time you level up a Divine Arma you get a passive bonus to all deployed units even if that Divine Arma is not equipped. The best way to invest in divine arma is to have a main one which is higher level than all the rest and level up a little the rest of them. That way you can carry a powerful to weapon to battle and also get the passive bonuses from your other weapons.



Three star all stages

As you progress through the game you might not complete every stage on 3 stars ranking. But you can always go back after you increased your BR and complete it on 3 stars. Completing all stages on 3 stars ranking in a chapter will reward you with 3 chests. After you complete all the stages on 3 stars you can also go back and try to complete them on elite mode with 3 stars for even more rewards. This is a great and efficient way to spend your stamina instead of just blitzing missions.



Save your diamonds

At the start of League of Angels 3 you get a lot of diamonds. As you progress you start to get less and less. Because of this, its a good idea to save your diamonds for higher levels instead of spending them on various items to increase your BR early. Just be patient and don’t waste diamonds until you are further in the game.

League of Angels has many more features and systems to dig through. Let us know of more tips and tricks that you found over on our Facebook.

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