LOTRO's PvP Event Server Is Now Live

LOTRO’s PvP Event Server Is Now Live

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LOTRO aka The Lord of the Rings Online has started its first PvP event server, Bombadil, which is hosting what is now known as the Tournament of the Twins.

The sons of Elrond, Elladan and Elrohir, have begun a discussion with perhaps too much boldness, and are arguing about which of them would make the greatest leader and support the greatest heroes. Once you have reached level 10, you may take up the banner of either Elladan or Elrohir and venture forth to earn honour completing Deeds and challenging heroes that align with your rival. Brave players can earn rewards for completing Deeds, and those characters will appear in a special Leaderboard. Will you rush to honour your patron by completing Deeds, or will you spend your time challenging rivals?

  • At level 10, approach either of the two sons of Elrond (Elrohir and Elladan), who are present in both Bree-town and Gondamon, and ask to join their faction by accepting a quest.

  • Once you have accepted a quest from one of the twins, you will be able to engage in combat with members of the opposing faction. You will gain honour by completing deeds throughout Eriador.

  • Each Eriador deed completed grants one hundred points of honor, which is tracked on a leaderboard. Use the Register of Heroes to view the current leaderboard. Deeds completed prior to accepting a quest from Elladan or Elrohir, or not in the Eriador category, will not count towards this score.

  • Once you are engaged in this quest for honour, your safe zones from members of the opposing faction are in Bree-town, Gondamon, Rivendell, Michel Delving, Glóin’s Camp, Aughaire, Tinnudir, Gath Forthnír, Ost Guruth, and Othrikar.

  • Characters who are defeated will get a short stealth and haste buff that will allow them to get back into the battle.

  • During this event, you cannot gain experience points in any instance after level 10. This includes Instance Finder and quest instances.

  • This event is focused in Eriador with a level cap of 50.

This server is available to VIP subscribers From June 17th through July 14th. Find Bombadil in the game launcher when the world is available!


Rewards are unlocked for your account once a certain Honour Score is reached:

  • 2500 – Elrohir Tournament of the Twins – Team Elrohir’s Cloak
  • 2500 – Elladan Tournament of the Twins – Team Elladan’s Cloak
  • 5000 Honourable Contender Title
  • 7500 Tournament Contender’s Frame
  • 10000 Herald of Rivendell Title
  • 12500 Tournament Gladiator’s Frame
  • 15000 Favoured of Elrond Title
  • 17500 Tournament Hero’s Frame
  • 20000 Champion of Rivendell Title
  • 22500 Exalted Champion of Rivendell Title

At the end of the event:

At the end of the Tournament of the Twins, players will be able to transfer their characters and shared items for free to any of the non-Legendary game worlds. Please note that standard restrictions and procedures apply when transferring from Bombadil. Note that when the Tournament of the Twins is over and players have had an opportunity to transfer off the server, the server will have a complete database wipe prior to future events.

Register of Heroes:

The Register of Heroes will be published on LOTRO.com shortly after the event ends.

Be sure to join the MMOSWorld community Discord: https://discord.gg/D8MYHkG

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