Mass Layoffs At Trion Worlds As Studio Gets Acquired By Gamigo

Mass Layoffs At Trion Worlds As Studio Gets Acquired By Gamigo

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Gamigo AG has acquired major assets from Trion Worlds Inc., a leading US gaming company with offices in Redwood City, CA and Austin, TX, that has developed and published online and console MMO games, such as Rift, Defiance, Trove and ArcheAge.

Gamigo group acquired the majority of Trion’s assets, including the platform, employees, and full publishing rights of the games. gamigo’s sister company, Padmapani GmbH, has acquired the IP of the Trion Worlds games, which are now made available for gamigo group, via a worldwide exclusive. The acquisition of Trion is expected to raise gamigo’s revenue by more than $18 million, following the restructuring and integration of Trion.

“The successful acquisition and subsequent integration of Trion into our portfolio substantially strengthen gamigo’s position in the European and American gaming market. On the one hand, we add similar and successful brands and games to the already broad gamigo portfolio, on the other hand, we are looking to unlock substantial synergies with the group’s existing business to further benefit from the remarkable growth potential that the gaming market offers,” said gamigo’s CEO Remco Westermann.

An undisclosed source has reported that only 25 or so employees were give the opportunity out of 200 to remain with Trion. The rest has been laid off effective immediately. Gamigo has been responsible for games like Fiesta Online, Aura Kingdom and more.

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