Massive PvE Overhaul Has Come To Crossout

Massive PvE Overhaul Has Come To Crossout

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Massive PvE Overhaul Has Come To Crossout

Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment today released a massive, PvE-focussed update for the post-apocalyptic crafting and combat MMO Crossout. Instead of the previously known single-stage missions, Raid players can now partake in a multitude of complex and rewarding scenarios, which each feature their own storyline, enemies and tasks. Also, Targem Games has revealed the special event for April Fool’s day, in which players will clash in battle on real pieces of post-apocalyptic art.

While previously, PvE Raids focussed on single-stage missions and e.g. tasked a player with escorting a cargo truck to a specific checkpoint, the new Raid system offers a much more challenging and fun experience. Staying within the same example, said cargo truck now, in a first mission, has to be stolen from somewhere – and its owners will not give it up lightly. Afterwards, having successfully acquired the cargo truck – hopefully with only few losses – you may find that it severely lacks in fuel to return to your faction’s base. The enemy, stung by your first attack, will quickly scramble more vehicles to find and destroy you, so time is of the essence! Once your group has located the fuel and refueled the stolen truck, it’s time to get back to safety – guns blazing, of course! But word has it that another group of raiders is very interested in the cargo you were after, too – and the gang and their leader may be inclined to just take it from you, unless you can convince them not to. This example is only one of the possible Raid scenarios available in Crossout, which now features 8 highly individual Raids in total. Even more scenarios will be included in following content updates.

For April Fool’s day this year, Crossout players can look forward to an unusual, but exciting PvP experience. Many players primarily craft powerful and intimidating machines of destruction, while others like to construct more… outlandish designs. The game’s exhibition hall has seen real works of art – including an awe-inspiring dragon, a knight in shining armor, a vehicle manned by bloodthirsty ducklings and other, no less creative vehicles. But while most of them are beautiful to look at, they are more or less useless in combat – but not on April Fool’s day! The developers have selected the most interesting designs and given them a little upgrade, allowing them to boast powerful weapons.

From March 30th to April 2nd, players can clash in a special Brawl on said player creations, but you won’t know what vehicle you get until shortly before battle. And while you won’t be sure whether you’ll join as a fire-breathing dragon, a howitzer-armed school bus or something else, you surely won’t miss out on any action. All vehicles are powerful in their own way, and the special Brawl has no respawn limit – on every respawn, you’ll get another of those pieces of post-apocalyptic art to try. As one of the rewards for participation, players can look forward to special and unique stickers and decorations for their real Crossoutvehicles, only obtainable during the April Fool’s special.

More information is available on the official Crossout website:




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