MMORPG Astellia Details Its Gear Enhancement System

MMORPG Astellia Details Its Gear Enhancement System

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Astellia is an upcoming MMORPG that will be releasing in the west this summer. Made by Barunson E&A, this Korean MMORPG will offer players both familiar and new types of content, such as pet systems and more.

The studio this past week has showed off its gear progression system, enhancement. Enhancement in Astellia allows players to upgrade their gear to gain better stats. To do this, all gear like armor and weapons can be dismantled. This will produce Enhancement Stones. These stones are used to enhance gear in a dedicated UI panel. At level 50, level 50 gear can gain enhancement ranks. However, at rank 7 and above there will be a chance to fail.

In addition to Enhancing, there’s also gear Evolving and a Rune system too. To Equip a Rune, select the first of the row of icons in your Inventory. This will open the Rune window. You can place a gear piece in the window and see what Runes you have equipped, slot new runes, or unequip the runes. Runes are in their own tab of the Inventory, which is automatically opened when you open the Rune window.

The enhancement and rune systems provide an initial glimpse, into a few, of the many ways Astellia strives to provide players with the ability to fully customize their gaming experience. For the full preview, check out the video below.

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