Mortal Online 2 Awarded Epic MegaGrant to Aid Transition to Unreal Engine 5

Mortal Online 2 Awarded Epic MegaGrant to Aid Transition to Unreal Engine 5

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Star Vault is thrilled to announce they are the most recent recipient of the esteemed Epic MegaGrant. Awarded by Epic Games, this substantial grant will support Star Vault’s MMORPG Mortal Online 2 in its next phases, including the transition to Unreal Engine 5.

“Our collaboration with Epic Games is of great importance to provide the best possible experience for our players in Mortal Online 2 and take the MMORPG genre to the next level” – Henrik Nyström, founder and CEO of Star Vault, in a comment.

Mortal Online 2 is a next generation, first-person, persistent sandbox MMORPG set in a fantasy world with a focus on immersion and deep game systems, where your individual reputation. The game caters to players of all shapes, sizes, and playstyles. Become a legendary crafter whose goods are traded across the globe. Study the art of combat and become a famous warrior. Explore areas never seen by other players. This is a world where your individual reputation is everything. No matter what path you decide to take, people will recognize you by the impact you’ve made on the world.

Mortal Online 2 is a persistent world, with no progress wipes or resets. Every player action becomes a part of the world’s shared history. In Mortal Online 2, players are never truly free from danger. There are no specific PvP or safe zones, only an open, realistic world where you are free to choose your own path. Experience true, real-time combat where outcomes are decided by skill rather than levels or gear. Build your own house, create a guild, construct a keep and forge an empire. With enough power, violence, or diplomacy, you and your allies may rule an entire nation. Please visit for more information.

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