My Three Favorite Go To MMORPGs For Casual PVP

My Three Favorite Go To MMORPGs For Casual PVP

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PVP is a huge part of my MMORPG game play cycle, and provides me with the most enjoyment. I just love taking part in battles against other players that requires skill and knowledge of the class and combat mechanics. Over the last decade, I’ve played a whole bunch of MMOs in a quest to find the right game with an enjoyable PVP mode. To a certain extent, I’ve found a few that I really enjoy, but I’m still looking.

It’s not just the core player versus player combat that I look for. There are several other factors that make me feel the game overall is worth playing too. These include how much grind is required to get started in PVP, or is gear relevant. To that end, I have a few MMORPGs to suggest to players that are looking for similar experiences in their MMOs. If you are a casual who just wants to enjoy the heat of battle and the adrenaline rush, check out these three MMORPGs for their player versus player modes.

Guild Wars 21. Guild Wars 2

When it comes to the ultimate PVP experience for me, I choose Guild Wars 2. The mix of the fluid combat system and ease of jumping into player versus player modes are huge pros. For starters, you can hop into sPVP (Structure) or World Vs World at any level. Players are automatically scaled to the level cap of 80, and will have all skills and traits unlocked. This allows you to build the perfect competitive builds for your professions. What’s awesome is that gear is irrelevant. All players are on a level playing field meaning that it will boil down to your skill and experience above all else.

Besides that, I love the progression system too. The more games you play and regardless of winning or losing, you earn experience points. They also progress your rank and reward tracks, ensuring that you always get rewarded no matter what. The community is also lively and it’s fun to participate in a few matches just to break the monotony of PVE. Overall I have to say Guild Wars 2’s player versus player is one of the best experiences for me.

2. The Lord of the Rings Online (Creepside)

A little controversial in picking LOTRO’s PvMP, but it is unique. I play on both Freepside and Creepside. Freepside entails your main characters in the PVE world. Creepside is special monster classes that you can play to fight against Freepside players. For many years I have been playing my Captain class as a Freepside player. It took many years to grind for Audacity gear and even more when the Essence system came along. In short, I needed both stats and gear in order to be effective.

Creepside on the other hand I find is a more relaxing player versus player experience. The folks at least on my server of Landroval, are laid back and easy going. There is only one goal for Creeps in the Ettenmoors; kill a whole bunch of Freep players while ensuring the map stays red. It’s a different pace and what I like about it is that you can enter PVP here for free. While you can only play the Reaver Orc class, it’s still decent and you can start earning traits and corruptions to be effective. If you have the money, you can even buy them outright from the store to start playing. Pay To Win? Maybe, but it is a short cut for Creep players to just start PvMPing and having fun.

3. The Secret World

The Secret World does a lot right in terms of questing and PVE stories. The player versus player in my opinion, doesn’t get enough of the spotlight. Starting from the top, the game’s classless system ensures that fighting other players involves knowing what builds works best in which situations. This makes the battleground and arena matches really fun to compete in. While solo-ers won’t stand much of a chance against pre-made guild groups, I still have a lot of fun.


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