Neverwinter Shares More Details About The Great Hall For Guilds

Neverwinter Shares More Details About The Great Hall For Guilds

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Neverwinter Shares More Details About The Great Hall For Guilds

There’s some sweet new features for guilds coming to Neverwinter. As part of the The Stronghold update, The Great Hall will expand player housing for guilds.

As part of the Shroud of Souls module, The Great Hall is an addition that strives to be the central hub for guilds. Players can congregate within for social events, and one of the best parts is of course, decorating it.

For that fun activity, The Great Hall is of course fully customizable. Guilds can show off their decorating skills with a variety of items such as fireplaces, furniture and more. There’s even an NPC decorator available to hand out deco tips to the untrained.

According to the developers, there are over 90 locations or “hooks” available to place decorations. Certain deco items will only fit in certain locations, so it’s kinda realistic too. So how do players go about getting decorations? Thankfully, there are a few way available. Decorations can drop from events or purchased from the store. A lot of them especially of the furniture variety, can be crafted via Masterwork professions.

That’s not all the good news by the way. In a separate article, the devs go into detail about how they wanted guildies to literally “sit” with each other at a table. As a result, players will now be able to sit down on chairs thanks to a sweet new Sit Tech. Check out more details here.




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