New MMO Wild West Online Promises Cowboy PVP

New MMO Wild West Online Promises Cowboy PVP

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New MMO Wild West Online Promises Cowboy PVP

If you’re a fan of the wild west, cowboys and revolvers, then you probably know about Wild West Online.

For those who don’t, it’s a brand new open world MMORPG in development. Developers 612 Games aim to get a Kickstarter project going in two weeks, with the goal of getting $250k funded for added features.

As of right now, WWO gives us some insight into what we can expect from this cowboy MMO. For starters, there will be player gangs running around and can be on either side of the law. Expect to see outlaws and sheriffs out and about.

The game will have player driven economy, and players can pick from professions such as gatherers and farmers. When it comes to content, it will be story and character driven which makes this more interesting. The game is intentionally made to look like Red Dead Redemption. If the story is anything like RDR, then it’s going to break.

I also like that the game is seamlessly open world, consisting of multiple shards. This means that a lot more players can be online in the same space at once. What is really intriguing is that there are no NPC combat, and it will be more PVP centric.

And finally, bank robberies, heists and raids are all part of the in-game activities that will involve player versus player. I have to admit that it sounds good at the moment, but let’s wait to see some actual footage. For more on Wild West Online, check out their teaser site here.





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