Nine Dragons MMORPG Gets Overhaul For Papaya Play Relaunch This Coming May

Nine Dragons MMORPG Gets Overhaul For Papaya Play Relaunch This Coming May

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Nine Dragons, the martial arts fantasy MMORPG, is receiving an overhaul and will be premiering on the Papaya Play PC gaming platform. Papaya Play and Joongwon Games (Developers) have collaborated to customize the game, resolving long-standing issues with the leveling process, and ensuring that all features are up-to-date.

The launch date is approaching, and pre-registration is now available on Papaya Play’s website. Early registrants will begin play with a premium starting package and an exclusive in-game title. Our new Nine Dragons service is a chance for players to write themselves into Chinese history.
Players can pre-register at ( and receive exclusive pre-registration rewards.
Nine Dragons is a fantastic re-telling of Chinese history circa 250 A.D., featuring incredible martial arts techniques from six feuding clans. From Shaolin, to Wu-Tang, and more, the characters and stories are drawn from history, and spun around engaging gameplay into an original tale.
Players can select from four different roles (Warrior, Healer, Nuker, and Hybrid), each with its own variation from the six clans. Each clan is affiliated with either the White or Black Band, and the conflict between the Black and White forms the core of the game’s PvP content. Complex item customization adds even more ways to make your character truly your own.

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