Old School RuneScape Launches 150th Quest: A Kingdom Divided

Old School RuneScape Launches 150th Quest: A Kingdom Divided

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A Kingdom DividedOld School RuneScape’s 150th quest, has arrived in-game today for PC, Mac, Steam, iOS, and Android players, complete with full cross-platform play. As the eighth instalment in Old School RuneScape’s lore-packed Great Kourend quest series, this experienced-level quest continues the Kourend Council storyline, which has been building for more than four years. 

In A Kingdom Divided, players go behind the Kingdom of Great Kourend’s façade of peace and prosperity to unravel allegations of corruption at the heart of the ruling Kourend Council.  However, the Council’s political games are not the only thing players have to contend with. There’s also a deeper conspiracy, hundreds of years in the making, and a darker power is now gathering in the kingdom – one that could change the face of Gielinor forever.  

Rob Hendry, Executive Producer, Old School RuneScape, said: 

“With some of the richest lore in Old School RuneScape, players loved Great Kourend when the kingdom hosted our first competitive Leagues event, and now it’s the perfect place for a quest that explores conspiracy and corruption within its ruling council. While A Kingdom Divided is an experienced-level quest, Old School already has more than 700,000 players who have completed the questline’s previous seven instalments and are ready to take on the investigation. 

“And, as with all new content introduced to Old School, the addition of A Kingdom Divided arrives with player approval. We polled the quest with players, and it passed with a high approval rating, attracting more than 30,000 votes and with 92.7% voting for its inclusion. Now, we’re keen to see how players tackle the machinations of the Kourend Council to ensure that Great Kourend is a kingdom divided no more.” 

Completing A Kingdom Divided rewards players with the much-anticipated unlocking of 26 new spells for the Arceuus Spellbook, in addition to two quest points, a 10,000-experience lamp, an increase to 60 charges in Kharedst’s Memoirs, and enables a respawn point at Kourend Castle. 

As the content arrives in Old School RuneScape, the living game’s login screen has also been given an A Kingdom Divided-themed refresh and now features the winning player-designed art from a recent Old School community contest, where the winner’s design attracted more than 30,000 votes.  

A Kingdom Divided is now available in Old School RuneScape for PC, Mac, Steam, iOS and Android, with cross-platform play across all platforms. 

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