Overwatch Hands Out A Lunar New Year Makeover

Overwatch Hands Out A Lunar New Year Makeover

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Overwatch Hands Out A Lunar New Year Makeover.

Oh yeah a new update for Overwatch is on the way! If you live in a country with Asian presence, you are probably enjoying the Lunar New Year. The year of the Rooster comes after the year of the Monkey and every year is the year of the gamer!. US gaming giant, Blizzard entertainment, are trying to appeal to the Asian audience with a Lunar new year makeover. Therefore, we have another reason to mention how awesome overwatch is. Check out the Official website to witness the modification and watch the trailer.

The makeover will feature a hundred new collectible cosmetic items, amazing fireworks graphics and a brand new brawl. In addition, the update will last until February 13th and until than we will enjoy all of the updates. I have used to play a lot of call of duty but the game was so boring after a while, another year and another call of duty title was horrible. I couldn’t stand Destiny, the combination of FPS and MMORPG was exhausting.

And then, one day a friend of mine told me about this amazing game from Blizzard. Honestly, I was very interested to check out their new shooter after World Of Warcraft has erased a year of my life. Therefore, it was love from first sight and now I call myself a die hard fan. At the beginning i was horrible, couldn’t kill anyone because i was used to COD mechanics. However, i have improved, the vertical gameplay of Overwatch is incredible. The game is everything that i hoped call of duty will be. Now, with the brand new makeover i can enjoy another aspect of Overwatch and i recommend that you will do the same.

What do you think? Does the update thrill you? How do you rate Overwatch among popular FPS games?

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