Paladins Latest Update Adds New Champion and Seasonal Content

Paladins Latest Update Adds New Champion and Seasonal Content

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All new content has come to Paladins this week, including a new Champion. Wielding sharp Kunai and mysterious shadow magic, Vatu is distinctly a Flank, specializing in high mobility and damage.

With his Ambush ability, he jumps at his target’s throat and carries out a swift assassination. He can reactivate it once to prey upon his next victim. Vatu also has three Dash charges, allowing him to shoot out from the shadows – or merge back into them – at any time.

Here is what Evil Mojo Game Designer Kevin Readen says about Vatu:

“Vatu’s gameplay strength is well emphasized by his strong character identity as your ninja’s ninja. Paladins’ newest champion combines familiar mechanics in new and fluid ways to create a short-range hit-and-run experience that rewards highly skilled play and punishes mistakes.”

New Event Pass: Beach Bash

The Event Pass: Beach Bash is making its hot debut today, allowing players to unlock two Summer-themed Champion skins plus an alternative version for each – including Great Orange Buck for free.

The Event Pass also holds Crystals and dozens of cosmetic rewards.

Event Passes are Paladins’ twist on the Battle Pass formula. They are cheaper, faster to complete, and quicker to cycle. Each Event Pass has 24 levels to climb through just by playing, each unlocking an impactful reward.

Limited-Time Modes

A first in Paladins, eight rotating Limited-Time Modes are now available for free. This is the first in a multi-step plan to introduce different ways for players to engage with the game.

Who shot first? In Hide & Seek, everyone plays as Strix with unlimited Stealth charge.

Try and stay grounded in Knock Knock, featuring Ash and Bomb King with increased effectiveness on their signature Knockback abilities.

Jaguar Falls Visual Upgrade

Jaguar Falls’ new look is showcased in this video.

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