Pre-Registration For Chinese Players Now Live For Age Of Wushu 2

Pre-Registration For Chinese Players Now Live For Age Of Wushu 2

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Pre-Registration For Chinese Players Now Live For Age Of Wushu 2

Age of Wushu 2, the successor to Age of Wushu is now accepting pre-registration applications in China. According to MMO Culture, the applications are for the upcoming debut test phase available to players in China.

More details regarding the MMO is also emerging. The game will be using the Unreal Engine 4, which is a definite upgrade. Players can expect to see a world that’s aesthetically pleasing. Animations and character models will have to wait, so lets hope we see some actual gameplay footage from those invited to the testing.

Besides that, Age of Wushu 2 is also embracing the sandbox survival game approach. Certain game systems will be completely new such as the day/night cycle that we’ve previously talked about. A lot of core MMORPG systems on the other hand will be drastically changed or removed. Needless to say, it will be a completely different experience from Age of Wushu.

Developers Snail Games have not been idle in promotions and presenting their latest project either. The game’s website seems to have gotten a face-lift. You can find plenty of screenshots and behind-the-scenes look at the development. Just remember to translate the page to get the full low down if your Mandarin isn’t elementary (it’s a handy language to master, trust me).

My experience in Age of Wushu was something of a roller coaster. I truly like what the game brought to the genre. It’s a nice change of pace setting-wise as well, and a much needed break from elves, dwarves, dragons and trolls. Thus I am very much looking forward to the Western release for AoW2. Whether or not it comes this year is a different matter. Lets just hope the testing goes well and we get to see the goods very soon.


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