PUBG Mobile Lite Adds New Golden Woods Map In Latest Update

PUBG Mobile Lite Adds New Golden Woods Map In Latest Update

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PUBG Mobile Lite has released the 0.14.1 version which comes with a  massive content update. Mobile players in select regions around the globe where the game is available can now drop into an all-new Golden Woods map, participate in updated challenges and more in game, the lighter and faster variant of the mobile battle royale phenomenon PUBG Mobile.

The LITE exclusive new map Golden Woods offers a tight battleground setting that offers small towns to loot and shoot in, along with unique shrubbery for intense combat scenarios. In addition to the new Golden Woods map, the 0.14.1 update includes:

  • New Season – A new ranked season begins on 1 Oct, with new rewards up for grabs.
  • Achievement System – New challenges are now available in the Missions Menu for players to test their skills for valuable prizes
  • Title System – As players unlock achievements and gain experience, they can rise among the ranks to acquire boast-worthy combat titles
  • New Arcade Mode – A special War mode where players can fight with an RPG-7.
  • Powerful Gears – The PP-19 sub-machine gun, QBZ and QBU DMR rifle are now available
  • Speedy Vehicles – The classic PUBG four-wheeled UAZ has been added for transport across terrains

PUBG Mobile Lite is now available to download and play on the Google Play Store in several regions of South Asia, Africa and East Europe. The game boasts a smaller download size and supports more mobile devices with less than 2GB RAM.

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